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Wedding& helps couples to get started on their beautiful journey by special way for couples to plan their pre-wedding with ease. Wedding& supports couples to get pre-wedding shoots from the major studios on the Chung-dam area well-known as 'Wedding street' in Seoul, and choose dresses and hair/make-up for an additional option. Wedding& is standing for couples to make most wonderful and unforgettable moments in life.

Primary consultation
Get overall consultation with wedding-specialists for the preferable schedules,
budgets and styles.
Studios and the additional option selection
Choose proper studio and option after a primary consultation.
Secondary consultation
Give shape to the plan from the primary consultation. Wedding&'s wedding-specialists
will recommend the dress and hair/make-up which is eligible for expressing perfect fit.
Especially each detailed consultations as photo-shooting, dresses, and hair/make-up
will be done with the experts having a long history in their field.
A Wedding&'s wedding-specialist will take her very best care for the whole process
and make sure that everything from consultations go in the right direction.